Delicious grilled cheese ravioli

grilled cheese ravioliThis recipe merely requires anything except for an appetite and the desire to try something different.

When I’m looking for creativity I usually turn to my oven. I grill almost anything, many times after its been cooked and I want to add some crunch to it. When I prepared this dish I was ready with all the ingredients for the tomato sauce, but while the ravioli was on its way to redemption, I returned the tomatoes and herbs to the refrigerator and turn my oven on. I strained the ravioli, lightly showered it with good quality olive oil and hit the oven/grill.
Surprisingly, my husband who’s not a big fan of ravioli loved it grilled.
Tomato and ravioli always go together and the color combination is striking when at least one of them is fresh. I chose the tomato.

grilled cheese ravioliHome made ravioli is best. It fills your mouth with big flavor and freshness. A dish that’s a bit different from the usual but the results speak for themselves:

shall we:

1 package of home-made cheese ravioli – I buy mine from a bakery that actually make the ravioli on the premises and package it ready to go . If you can’t find home-made ravioli near you, a store-bought will do fine.
1 medium sliced tomato
salt and black pepper
a couple of tbsp good quality olive oil
water for boiling the ravioli

Preparation: boil water in a large pot, add one tbsp of salt. When water is boiled add ravioli. I put about 15 pieces of large square ravioli and boiled it for 10 min. Store bought ravioli – follow package instructions. Strain ravioli, lay aluminum foil on a baking sheet and lay the cheese ravioli on top. Sprinkle a few tbsp of olive oil making sure all is coated, turn over gently but be careful – ravioli still hot. Insert baking sheet into broiler, 400º for about 3-4 min., or until ravioli turns light-medium brown and sizzles.

Carefully remove ravioli from the oven and transfer it to a beautiful large dish. Arrange sliced tomato on top of ravioli, sprinkle with black pepper. Done.

tips: For a creamy texture add grated fresh mozzarella cheese.

It’s best to use large pieces of ravioli. Not only that it looks better served but holds better while grilled.

Eat. Bonn apetite.

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