Summer escape

red candy appleI don’t know if I will be able to post any new dishes in the next few weeks, because this week I’m scheduled to travel to Europe for about a month (hopefully no delays please g-d). A very much-anticipated summer escape for me as well as for my husband.

Travel is one of my biggest inspirations for my design work as well as cooking. I don’t travel to get inspired by food, but food is everywhere and there is no way I can stay still when I eat something incredible or that reminds me of home. Besides, I love beautiful presentations and food is no exception.

I’m planning to take a lot of pictures and I know that when something pops I will post it here for your enjoyment and mine. I am feeling blessed that i am able to share beautiful things that the world has to offer. It’s always a pleasure knowing that a little inspiration can go a long way.

On that note, this is the dialog I had with my ten yr old today:

daughter: “mom, what’s for dinner?”
me: “cereal”.
daughter: “(in French accent, she knows how to get me): moi want to eat La Me’r Mon cheri”.
me: “tired. cereal topped with red juicy berries and cold white milk…you’ll forget you were hungry, Mon cheri”.
daughter: “(big smile) Mon cheri, you are an amazing cook. show me your magic”.
me: “…..(thinking)…………Mon cheri…….no”.

See? I want to cook but when I travel and prepare myself mentally and physically for this long journey, who wants to cook?

Now, if I add one more sentence I might regret not cooking tonight.

Cereal. It’s what’s for dinner.

Bon voyage

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