Notes from provence, France

I’m back now.

I’ve been away for a while but didn’t mean to be away for too long. It happens, life, summer break and other stuff. I haven’t posted anything but that doesn’t mean i haven’t cooked at all. I’ve had the best summer yet and when i came back i returned to a dusty office, lonely kitchen and a depressed shih-tzu.

But I’m happy to be here again and share my cooking experience with you (that’s how i show love to the world my mother says), with all the obstacles blogging can hit you with like when you work on a post for two hours, editing and re-writing, saving it and finally you’re ready to publish it, suddenly your eyes are wide open along with your dropped jaw when you realized all your hard work has disappeared from the screen. But I forgive the world.

I will not shoot you today with a recipe, after all i don’t want to scare you (or me), but i will share some of the amazing foods I’ve seen in South of France food market, in one of the oldest villages since medieval times. It was absolutely mesmerizing and inspiring.

While I share the most beautiful place in the world with you my senses are aroused to the aroma of spices coming from my kitchen. My hubby is cooking dinner. Can’t tell you what it is but I’ll give you a hint: it’s a steak.

beautiful view in provence, franceThis is a view from a castle and the food and cheese market was way down below. I couldn’t believe i was there.

food market in provence, francefood market in provence, francefood market in provence, france

The French are known for their confection creations and this is no exception, it’s called Nougat (nu-ga in french). The market is loaded with those stands like nobody’s business.

french breakfast

O.k. so I got spoiled for breakfast. But how cute is it to have your eggs covered in little hand-made hats?

oil painting of pumpkinsThese gourds looked so fresh and delicious. Or so I thought when I looked at them from a window of a French pastry shop…i could swear i smelled the aroma…until a closer look made me realized it was a painting. I was fooled. And it doesn’t happen often. Genius!

french breakfastI couldn’t miss this shot. About to finish the post when my ten-year old came to me with my favorite snack. She even poured the tea in my favorite French tea set and decorated a single cracker French style. She knows me so well she calls me Mon-cheri. So happy. G-d has awarded me with this child I tell you.

Next post I will bombard you with a recipe that will knock your socks off.

In the meantime, Bon-apettite.


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