Goodbuy normal Kitchen

What is the secret to a happy kitchen renovation?

a tale of a kitchen re-do. part I

dark glossy kitchen cabinet - kitchen renovation

Patience. I choose patience.
You see, we are going through a kitchen renovation mess. My ex-kitchen was a good-looking one: dark glossy cabinets highlighted with stainless steel appliances and knobs. The lower cabinets supported a heavy and expensive black granite imported from Turkey. Glossy Travertine floors illuminated by nice spotlights. My ex held up pretty good with all the cooking and beatings, high traffic,  big spills and lots of crumbs. It knew my good and bad pots. You see, I took care of my ex and kept it in good shape. I used every inch of it because I wanted our love to last. But honestly, I think my ex loved me more than I loved it.

dark glossy kitchen cabinet, kitchen renovation

It started on a sunny morning when I made my hot cup of Jo while gazing at my cabinets and sink, then it hit me: I didn’t want dark glossy or that ugly two hole sink with gazillions tiny scratches, even with my high maintenance routine, anymore. There was no love there. No pulse. YouTube movies about a new deep strong one hole sink started to invade my already busy brain. That wasn’t a good sign.
The Mr. noticed my dilemma. He knew. I looked him in the face and told him my dearest humble and honest opinion (I do it all the time). He knew exactly how emotionally disturbed I was by being surrounded with things that…didn’t mean to me anymore. I’m an artist and artists dream.

We knew we can’t change the sink without removing the granite and possibly damaging the cabinets which will make us  spend more money on “the unexpected”. We decided to knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining to create an open concept. “This will light up  the kitchen” the Mr. said, “yeah, but it wont change the color of the cabinets or the sink” I said.  One wall down and an added island in the center for more storage. Agreed. After the first estimate the Mr. said “you know what, let’s get an estimate for refacing the upper cabinets too, just curious”. After we got the estimate we added “one small change”: to replace all the upper cabinets instead of refacing them (talk about staying on a budget). Agreed on that too.

picture of kitchen renovation

When the guy came back to measure we told him “you know what, give us a number for refacing the bottom cabinets too, just curious”. Yeah right. I knew this curiosity would get out of hand. We finalized it by keeping the old refrigerator that looks like new, the stove that looks like new, the black expensive granite that’s also the backsplash and looks like new and the sink that looks like crap. That’s it! I’ll manage I thought.
But it wasn’t for long. Soon after the project started we were hunting for a new refrigerator…opening and closing french doors and playing with the water dispensers. It felt like a play date.

Now the wall is gone. Yay…we are loving it already. I can finally breath and see the light at the end of the room. Upper cabinets are gone. Phew. Relief. Seeing my kitchen without cabinets makes me want to stay without them. Almost.

picture of kitchen renovation
Going along with the project it seems that things are on track and we are so excited we can’t wait to see the results. The project manager scheduled installation for the bottom doors and drawers then again, we found ourselves driving to the showroom because guess what? “one more small change”: we purchased Carrera marble for the rest of the kitchen counter top. No to black granite. What??? I looked at my husband thinking we’re crazy, can’t we just keep one word we say?

But the best part of all this: I get. to replace. the sink!
My dream kitchen sink is hand hammered copper that cost 3 years worth of grocery shopping. Should we eat less? Naaa I’ll keep it low…but wait, the faucet I want costs even more. I just can’t get out of it.

Are we on budget? like my mother always says: It’s like giving birth to a baby – it’s hurts like hell then you forget with first smell.

delicious and moist orange seseme cake

To welcome my new white kitchen I will share with you this amazing Orange roasted sesame cake. It’s to die for. Coming soon.

Are you familiar with the Children book “If you give a mouse a cookie”? It all started with a two-hole crappy little sink.

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