No bake cheese cake

delicious no bake cheese cake

delicious no bake cheese cake

delicious no bake cheese cake

You aren’t really surprised are you people?

This is the easiest most delicious cheese cake you’ll ever make.

Would you be surprised if I told you that I grilled the grapes for extra super flavor? good heh? or would you be surprised if I told you there is no cream cheese involved (the “usual stuff”) in my recipe? Would you be even more surprised if I told you that the cake didn’t have a chance to chill long enough before “hungry for dessert mom/honey I’m desperate” kinda mouths gobbled it? (well, maybe not on that one).

And would you be. surprised. if I told you, that I made another dessert instantly! with the leftover cake filling, even that did not last, but I was lucky to steal a quick shot to share it with you later, lovelys? ? heh? don’t rush to answer…keep reading.

delicious no bake cheese cake

Cheese cakes used to scare me. It looked complicated to make because I thought it requires some science (which it does), patience (does too) and being a super chef (you don’t, but the cake made me look like one around here).

So…shall we:

for the crust:

2 c. medium ground graham crackers
4 tbsp melted butter
2 tbsp Kahlua liquor (optional)

the filling:

1 c. Mascarpone cheese
1 c. low-fat sour cream
1 c. heavy whipping cream
1 vanilla bean (scraped, get those seeds)
pinch of kosher salt
4 tbsp granulated sugar

for garnish:

2 c. red seedless grapes, grilled


Mix graham crackers, butter and kahlua until well blended. Press into 8″ or 9″ pie plate. You can use the crust unbaked, but I like to bake it for extra crunch by simply stick it in 375º oven and bake until golden brown. Done. Let cool.

With a hand mixer on high-speed whip the filling ingredients until batter is completely smooth and satiny and thick (think Greek yogurt).  If you have doubts, whip another a minute or two.

Pour batter over baked crust. Smooth. Garnish with grilled grapes, chill at least 4 hours or over night (even better).

Serve a slice at room temperature (a little colder if you wish), on your favorite china dish, slowly insert that shiny fork to grab a bite…and in no time you’ll be in total cheese cake heaven.

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