For now this blog is simply called Sense of hummus and you are more than welcome to follow me, email your ideas, inspirations or anything that’s cooking in your head.

Thank you for visiting.

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I’m a spontaneous cook, a skill that’s been growing from a very young age. I am a designer, an artist and a passionate decorator. Combining all these enables me to express my creativity and life style. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else (well…maybe that’s not entirely true but I don’t want to start thinking about it :))

My first cooking experience was when I tried to bake my first sponge cake at the age of 8. My mother never bakes cakes but she was generous to buy me all the ingredients I needed. After a full hour of preparing and whipping and stirring and pouring then baking, I came up with this beautiful high, I mean high, sponge cake, and that was after my sixth trial. I took the cake out of the oven and lay it CAREFULLY on the kitchen window to “rest”. Really?? who does that. After about three seconds flat I heard a slam. My cake fell straight down like an unopened parachute and smashed flat on my mom’s new plant. So you see…I don’t talk about it ever since.

I cook and design, two things that go hand in hand but for those who know me well and read my two blogs, they think we are talking about two different women.

I’m a mother of four: two beautiful daughters, a good-looking husband and a lazy fat shit-tzu. My craziness for cleanliness could send any normal family to the therapist. I still rub my daughters heads when they get sick (even though my oldest is 21) and sometimes my husband’s too. I do everything for my family but mostly I love to spoil them with delicious new dishes. There are times that I teach my husband my cooking secrets and later regret it (he just gets it too fast). I love to entertain and make people laugh, enjoy good food, indulge on decadent desserts and make them feel at home.

This blog is dedication to my mother, an inspiring strong woman who taught me everything I know about cooking. A woman who solves food every problem with food. Cooking creatively and healthy is an obsession she instilled in me at a very young age, like she always said: “you must learn to cook so when you grow up you find a good husband who will marry you”.

Mom was right.

I did grow up….and I found a good husband…

but that’s not why I love to cook.




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