Delicious and creative sugar-free and dairy-free flower cake

This is going to be the tastiest, simplest, creative and most attention getter flower cake you will ever make (yes Flower not Flour).
It’s perfect for a birthday, Mother’s Day or even Father’s Day (men like flower too you know), Or any day.
flower cake for mother's day
Sugar free dessert
And it’s so simple to make I wanna laugh. Actually I’m laughing now.
But seriously, I can’t stop giggle when the results look like a Million Euros.

How did i get to this idea? I always keep Phyllo pastry sheets in my freezer. It’s the thing that makes baking beautiful and light when you don’t want to eat “cake”. So last week I gave my husband a cool birthday party in our backyard. All the sleepless nights and the pain in my back and the hard work  in the kitchen was it worth it? let’s not think about it right now.

So I got the food and the atmosphere ready BUT I didn’t have any birthday cake. It can only happen in my house. I took a risk (big one) and left the cake idea to the last-minute, the day of the party. You see, waiting to the last-minute makes me come up with some crazy ideas (not necessarily good ones), that make them so great only because i don’t give myself a chance to think about it.
But here is the catch, I had a great last-minute idea but had to repeat it 30 times because we had about 30 invites.

sugar free mother's day cakeI know what you’re thinking just by looking at the preparations, but when I got to it i ran with it and in less than an hour I was already with 24 cakes ready to bake. The best thing about this cake is that you can choose to make one, two, four or fifty cakes. Can this be more flexible? If yes please – share.

So, shall we:

(this recipe is for 12 or more since the muffin tin I used has 12 cup holes)
One package Phyllo pastry sheets, thawed
1/4 cup honey
1 vanilla bean
2 tbsp of your favorite espresso coffee powder and some more for garnish
1 pint heavy whipping cream (I used dairy-free)
1 tbsp light brown sugar crystals
Fresh thinly sliced strawberries
Canola oil baking spray
Muffin cupcake pan for 12 (2 1/2 inch each)
Heat oven to 350º. In a large bowl combine heavy cream, espresso powder, honey and vanilla. Beat until stiff. You’ll know when you see the cream stays on a spoon turned upside down. Refrigerate until use.
Spray muffin pan with baking spray, set aside. Lay out one sheet Phyllo and spray with oil, make sure the rest of the sheets are covered with a damp towel to avoid them from drying. Repeat with more Phyllo sheets greased and laid one on top of the other. I used batches of five’s.
How to cut – with scissors carefully eye-ball the size of the “cakes” – first cut the sheets in half horizontally from one side to another and then cut in three sections vertically, you’ll end up with six rectangular “cakes”. It shouldn’t be complicated.

Insert each “section” into the greased muffin cups by pressing gently and forming a cup. You’ll end up having the edges of the “cakes” sticking up and out – You want that.

sugar free dairy free cupcakes dessertsugar free dairy free cupcake dessert

Sprinkle cups with brown sugar and bake for about 10-12 minutes or until golden. Out of the oven, handling with care remove the baked cups with a spoon and set aside to cool.

If you have a pastry bag use it otherwise with a spoon fill up the cups with the chilled  cream. Stick a couple of sliced strawberries on the side to make them look like leafs, sprinkle with powdered coffee and brown sugar.

Serve in personal dessert plates or to really get your guests attention place all the cakes in one large tray to create a big flower composed of small ones. It will sparkle and I guarantee you – they will be impressed.


Tasty chocolate melting crunchy berry cupcakes

Big name
little effort.

Does it ever happen to you that you crave for something to eat and don’t know what it is? sweet? savory? home cooked meal or just that something to satisfy your desire? it happens to me a lot maybe because I simply want to try a lot of things at one time. So it’s a new day and a new day calls for new something. Something sweet and comforting that reminds me my childhood home…or my sisters’ homes (they baked a lot when their kids were young). Do I have a treat for you.

I was in a mood for a dark, deep, rich color with smooth texture. How did I come about it? While I rearranged my living room today (which happens quite often) and I laid my new rug on the floor, it came in these beautiful deep silky earthy hues of browns that the colors naturally triggered my cravings to – you guesses it – chocolate.

But not just chocolate. I craved warm, silky, melting chocolate with just the right amount of crunch. Petite in size zapped with a touch of sour red berry. Oh, my juice buds are exploding as I write this.

tasty chocolate melting crunchy berry cupcakeDon’t you feel the same now? than go ahead and make this super simple yet light and so tasty chocolate melting crunchy berry cupcakes. It requires minimum effort – if you have nutella chocolate spread – then you have almost everything you need.
tasty chocolate melting crunchy berry cupcake
tasty chocolate melting crunchy berry cupcakesyou can serve it like this
tasty chocolate melting crunchy berry cupcakeor like this

tasty chocolate melting crunchy berry cupcake

or eat it straight out of the paper…like me.

tasty chocolate melting crunchy berry cupcakeServe it to guests and I promise they will think you worked very hard on it. I just can’t promise how many will satisfy you or them: three…five…

Shall we:

about 6-8 medium size cupcakes:
3/4 c. nutella spread
1 whole egg
1 egg white
4 tbsp white flour, sifted
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup chopped pecans
handful of any kind of berries
1/2 c. chocolate chip (optional – fun for kids)
medium size paper muffin cup


In a large bowl combine whole egg, egg white, vanilla extract and nutella. Whisk until smooth. Add the flour and whisk gently until well combined. Set a side.

Heat oven to 350°. Meanwhile cut the berries to small pieces.

Insert paper muffin cups into a tin muffin pan (if you have one, it simply helps with support). Spoon the nutella batter into the paper muffin cups about 3/4 full. Top with chopped pecans, or chocolate chips or both. Insert a few pieces of berries into the batter filled cups. Bake for about 12-14 minutes or until a tooth pick comes out soft and sticky. For a drier consistency bake 5 minutes longer. Let cool in paper cups for 10 min. Serve warm and enjoy this delectable treat.

 Bon apetite.

Delicious and beyond easy beer bread

Want to put the least amount of effort with the greatest amount of reward and still feel good? I do. Don’t we all?

Than this bread recipe is for you. And your guests.

For my big Moroccan meal I made the other day a fresh home-made loaf of bread was the call but yeast and waiting wasn’t an option for me. Besides, I ran out of bread and had to invent something in no time. That’s when beer came to mind and I was lucky to have some in my pantry – a fun reminder from a birthday party my husband surprised me with a few days earlier.

This is my mother’s recipe except that I used beer instead of water and yeast, which made the process far shorter and in about one hour I had a crusty steamy fresh home-made bread in my hands. And in my mouth.

The batter suppose to be thick but not brick (you’ve warned). I mixed in roasted pecans for added crunch and a thin layer of olive oil turned the top crusty and shiny.

I couldn’t wait to taste my signature beer bread. When baked, the house was filled with warm cozy aroma that made me positively dizzy.

A must try.

simple and easy to make beer bread

shall we:

3 c. white all-purpose flour
1 tbsp white sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
**1 12oz “regular” brand beer at room temperature
**(the darker the beer the richer and darker the results)
1/2 cup chopped pecans (optional)
2 tbsp olive oil


Heat the oven to 375º. In a large bowl combine flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and pecans. Add the beer slowly and mix until combined. Do not over mix. The dough will be thick.

Grease 8″ loaf pan, pour mixture and gently brush it with olive oil. Bake. Check with a toothpick that comes out dry when inserted in the center of loaf, about 45 min depending on your oven.

Let the loaf cool in the pan for 15 min, remove from pan and give it 10 more to cool. Serve warm with almost anything.


Leftovers: sliced toasted loaf spread butter or Nutella chocolate spread (you wont regret it). Or – brush with olive oil, sprinkle shredded parmesan and grill for a couple of minutes. Options are endless with this super easy tasty loaf.

you’re welcome to share your own ideas with me.

Eat. Bon apetite.