Cheese, Wine and Romance

Sounds like a perfect renaissance moment to me.

Today I’m not sharing a recipe however, I want to share with you something a little more special. Something that only gets better with age. Something that any one can have, should have. I call it my Stolen Moments recipe. It does not required cooking, special tools or ingredients but it involves food. Good basic food. and love. and attention.

wine and cheese

You see – you, us, I, we, they – everyone is busy doing something and I imagine most of us work overtime just to catch up on things we’ve always planned on doing but left it for the last minute, simply because we do so much that almost everything is considered “the last minute”. Then, it’s no surprise that we find ourselves sitting in front of the screen late at night typing, posting, emailing, doing something. But. There is someone who I know very close to my heart, who truly knows how to make the world stop and enjoy a few stolen moments. Someone who makes me forget about everything and anything and simply makes me enjoy the present when and where ever it may be – My other half.

wine and cheese, lifestyle

The Mr. is an amazing tennis player, his biggest most passionate hobby. Every time when he returns from a game he freshens up then prepare just for the two of us – those special Renaissance moments – Cheese, Wine and Romance. Unless he finds me on cloud nine, my mouth is wide open and my head tilted on the sofa, I’m usually wide awake and I’m all in. But I am only only allowed to watch him.

wine and cheese, lifestyle

He takes fresh baguette, cuts it into thick slices and toasts them. So crunchy.

wine and cheese, lifestyle

He takes soft Brie, Feta and Goat cheese, then slices the Brie and crumbles the Feta and arranges them on a platter. He then spreads just a touch of Goat cheese on a toasted Pita bread and tops it with fresh sliced cucumber.

wine and cheese, lifestyle

He knows I love creativity.

wine and cheese, lifestyle

He peels, chops and slices lots of fresh vegetables. I love the chopping sound and the fresh smell of vegetables.

wine and cheese, lifestyle

He picks one or two types of fresh seasonal fruits.

wine and cheese, lifestyle

He is in full swing and knows his ways around our new kitchen.

wine and cheese, lifestyle

He moves the vase of flowers to the table.

He arranges the food on a pretty china.

He pours our favorite red wine in big wine glasses.

He dims the lights.

He opens the back door so I can hear the sound of the water in the fountains.

He lights candles.

He keeps quite.

I do too.

But that’s a little hard to do…

Ahhh….stolen moments. No one can take them away.