Crunchy and colorful avocado salad

In the mood for something simple, colorful yet burst with flavor? Are you inspired by fruits and vegetables like me and want to turn a simple salad into a colorful crunchy meal?

This is an easy recipe anyone can make it:

colorful and delicious crunchy vegetable saladCurious about those little brown pieces in the salad? It’s French caviar. That’s an option. I bought it when I was in Paris a couple of months ago and happened to have it. And, I grew up on this thing.

If you still want to elevate your salad and add caviar you don’t have to go to Paris to buy it, although I highly recommend a trip to this magnificent city.

fresh green avocado

I love fresh juicy looking avocado, don’t you? It’s the star of this recipe.

Shall we:

ripe sliced avocado
firm chopped tomato
small chopped onion

fresh chopped handful cilantro
3 tbsp olive oil
juice of one lemon
salt and black pepper to taste

french caviar (optional)

fresh sliced country bread

Preparation: Gently mix vegetables (except the avocado) in a large bowl with the cilantro, olive oil, lemon juice, salt. On a beautiful plate place the fresh salad in the center, top it with sliced avocado, garnish with caviar and fresh black pepper. simple and easy to make beer breadDo not forget fresh country bread, warm or toasted, on the side. Add a soft butter ball on a tinny plate if you wish to go fancy.

Recipe for the home baked beer bread in the image will follow.

Tip For a nutty crunch top salad with roasted pecans, let flavors blend for ten minutes before you enjoy it. Too hungry? don’t wait.

Eat. bon appetit.


The shocking truth about fruits and vegetables

There is no shocking truth. Fruits and vegetables, in any fresh form, always look good obviously making you feeling good, let alone looking good. The main reason I eat fresh “frugies” is because I love color – I eat with my eyes first.

My mother started feeding me these beauties when I was three months old (did I mention the side that came with it? Moroccan couscous). She didn’t even have to bribe me.

With a bit of creativity and a couple of handy ingredients when the main star is a vegetable or a fruit, you can whip up a meal even you’d be surprised.

You can find the best fruits and vegetables at farmers market. Sometimes I buy from our local supermarket when travel becomes a challenge, but I never skip a fruit or vegetable – it’s always there to enjoy.

gorgeous red berries in parisBright red berries on a trip to Paris. Displayed to look Gorgeous!

Trips with my mother to the farmers market as a little girl was one of my favorites. I would stick my nose inside the heavy bags and sniff the fresh herbs. Back in the kitchen I couldn’t wait to help my mother prepare food for the whole family, while the vegetables were still fresh and crispy.


fresh fruits and vegetables in nepaltop and bottom: fruits and vegetables in nepal


fruits and vegetables in nepal

On one of our trips to Nepal my husband and I accidentally found ourselves in a local farmers market. It was chaotic. Many “stations” offered unbelievably variety of exotic fruits and vegetables. Surprisingly, the variety of Himalayan salt was beyond my imagination and many vendors offered us a taste, their salt filled hands were simply too close to our faces. I had to try some. I did. Not sure I liked it. The market kept on for blocks and we couldn’t find our way out. We kept coming back to the same place and we stayed longer than we intended, making me eat more salt.

souk in moroccoIn Morocco, in the old city of Fez, again accidentally, we found ourselves walking in a farmers market – one of the largest, colorful, most richest market I have ever been into. I thought i was back in time – very old buildings, concrete, goats, cows, donkeys, even cats were sitting by their owners’ booths. Loads of super size vegetables of all kinds were piled on tables, while vendors offered shoppers the best they had. I immediately thought about my mother and her childhood in Morocco.

The market was narrow and long and we walked for hours, holding hands and smiling from ear to ear. These trips just make us happier than we are, every time. The more cultures we discover the more common threads we discover about ourselves. It was an unforgettable experience and I should have taken pictures, but I was so overwhelmed that I forgot I had a camera.

fruits and vegetable inspired carOn a trip to Israel – juicy little beetle.

If all these images, colors and stories are not inspiring you to fill your refrigerator, or your belly for that matter with fresh fruits and vegetable, I don’t know what is.

Inspired to travel maybe?

You can turn any simple salad into a delicious meal here.