Creamy hot chocolate Kahlua beverage

Food of the Gods

If you like it hot. Smooth. Spicy.

Hot chocolate. Think about it.

It’s not only for red-cheeked children after a long play in the snow Or little old ladies who sit by the fire knitting a sweater, no. Delicious hot chocolate is for those who understand ingredient, quality and…life. It’s for grown ups in particular. Why? because we can use any chocolate we like which means high-quality not the syrup kind. And, we can add any liquor we want instead of…what do you call them again?…oh yeah, marshmallows. I don’t do hot chocolate and marshmallows. You see, I wasn’t born into a family that craves sweets but I like to have something sweet every once in a while. Mr Sense of Hummus on the other hand has a sweet tooth but he is not a hot chocolate lover. Until a week ago (not sure if it’s the hot chocolate drink or what the hot chocolate drink made me do), when I felt the need to have something hot…something silky and warm…something that will boost my mood and stimulate my body… something that will make me groan. Yes baby, this hot chocolate does it. Even the gods use to have hot chocolate rituals.

homemadehotchocolate-1No matter what the weather, it’s rich and delicious, smooth and spicy, hot and comforting. Mmm it was a ten minute Happy Hour for me.

delicious hot chocolate beverage

delicious hot chocolate beverage

Remember, with three main delicious ingredients you can’t go wrong.

delicious hot chocolate beverage

I love how the shaved chocolate melts as soon as its sprinkled on top and the cinnamon turns into a reddish puddle sinking ever so slightly into the hot milk foam…this is a goodness waiting to fill up a drooling mouth. Mine included.

So…shall we:

Serving: 2-3 persons**:

**Remember it’s a hot chocolate beverage so don’t do what I did: if you’re making it and you’re not alone make sure you have enough to share. I had to do it twice more the same night because I thought no one will smell it or ask to “taste it”. I was wrong.


3 cups cold low-fat milk
2 oz. high quality semi-sweet chocolate (plus a little extra for shaving)
3 tbsp Kahlua liquor (coffee liquor)
2 tbsp white sugar
1 pinch of cinnamon powder
pinch of kosher salt

Brake the chocolate to small pieces and over medium heat in a small saucepan combine milk, chocolate and salt. Whisk ingredients to a smooth consistency while the chocolate melts. Continue whisking to prevent the chocolate from scorching. Whisk gently until bubbles begin to appear and the milk is hot enough (you’ll know). Add the Kahlua, stir and remove from heat.

Divide hot beverage among a couple of pretty cups, top each with shaved chocolate and sprinkle with cinnamon. Serve, drink and…enjoy.

Care for Kahlua cocktail?

This is the best Kahlua banana cocktail you will ever make. Once you start using Kahlua in your drinks you can begin your own drinks collection. Kahlua is so versatile and can be used in many ways – if you love coffee liquor.

So what do you do when you’re stuck with ripe bananas? Most people I know throw them away. I usually have one or two left that I tend to trash because no one, even if I pay them, will eat it in my house.

I wasn’t even going to consider a search for any recipe that calls for over ripen bananas. Seriously? I looked at my poor looking bananas and promised that I will find something creative to do with them and trashing it wasn’t an option. Now I’m not talking about over ripen bananas that lose color, taste or smell bad no. I’m not that desperate. I’m talking about bananas that once they show their first tiny sign of aging they are dismissed completely by everyone in my family. How sad.

What to do what to do? Ah…I love Kahlua liquor. Don’t you? I always have it in my pantry. So…ripe bananas…Kahlua…heavy cream (which I happened to have)…cardamon seeds (I’m always looking to spice things up). Bingo! Kahlua/banana cocktail. It’s like a shake that brings the kid out of me…but with a twist.

delicious kahlua cocktailThis cocktail is different than others because of a little tiny devil – cardamon. It’s scent is warm and aromatic and the taste is sharp so you need only a few to add this unique flavor.
delicious kahlua cocktail

Shall we?

2 ripe bananas peeled and sliced
1 tsp brown sugar
1/4 c. Kahlua liquor
1/4 c. cold heavy cream
1/2 c. cold low-fat milk
4 cardamon seeds crushed (or 1/4 tsp cardamon powder)
unsweetened cocoa powder for garnish
 ice (enough to make the drink cold)


Combine Kahlua, sugar and bananas in a small sauce pan. Medium heat. Cook while stirring for about 10 min., until syrup starts to develop. Don’t worry about how the bananas look like.

At this time things start to sell AMAZING.

Remove from heat. Let cool for a few minutes. In the meantime combine milk, heavy cream, cardamon and ice in a blender. Slowly add the banana mixture. Blend while breaking the ice turning the mixture into a light shake.

Pour into tall glass goblets, dust with cocoa powder and it’s mmm…enjoy.

Not your mama’s mediterrenean oatmeal

Oatmeal is not just for babies. And you don’t have to wait for winter to do it.

It’s a dish with a split personality: It can look high-end in a beautiful porcelain bowl and a pretty stainless spoon to go with it, add a couple of flowers for a mood and you’re good to go. Or – glam it up by omitting the oatmeal and top a good quality vanilla ice cream in a tall glass globe with this hearty sweet, stick a cinnamon stick in it, long handle pretty spoon and you’re on your way to get a lot of stares (it’s a good thing). I even allow you to tell everyone you invented it.

The warm nut and fruit mix of this dish is so full of flavor it’s simply a delight and you’ll forget you’re even eating oatmeal.

Try to prepare fresh oatmeal (not instant). It’s just as easy but healthier.

This recipe has enough to share.

mediterrenean oatmeal with fruit and nut mix

Shall we?

one cup real oats –
(I use steel-cut oats, a bit longer to cook. For creamier texture use quick oats)
half cup of walnuts lightly chopped
half a cup of raisins (I use light and dark)
2 tbs dark brown sugar
one half cup water (for oatmeal)
one half cup water (for nuts)
half a cup of cold 2% milk
pinch of salt
one cinnamon stick
one shake nutmeg (or a quarter tsp fresh grind. just eyeball it)
one large granny smith apple, cut to small cubes
half a cup dried apricots, cut in halves
half grated orange peel


In a pot on a medium-low heat combine oats, water, milk, salt. When small bubble start to form stir until you get the consistency you desire, about five sometimes more (for steel-cut). Keep an eye on it and cook your oats until consistency is achieved. You might need to adjust and add water or milk. Remove from heat.

oatmeal with mixed nuts and fruitIn another pot combine sugar, water, nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried fruits, apple. Low heat, stir. Don’t burn sugar. Cook until apple becomes almost transparent, about 2-3 minutes but still wet.

In a bowl pour cooked oats. Top with fruit/nut mix, slowly and gently. Top that with orange peel. Enhance the look and flavor with a cinnamon stick.

Eat. bon appetite.