Not your mama’s mediterrenean oatmeal

Oatmeal is not just for babies. And you don’t have to wait for winter to do it.

It’s a dish with a split personality: It can look high-end in a beautiful porcelain bowl and a pretty stainless spoon to go with it, add a couple of flowers for a mood and you’re good to go. Or – glam it up by omitting the oatmeal and top a good quality vanilla ice cream in a tall glass globe with this hearty sweet, stick a cinnamon stick in it, long handle pretty spoon and you’re on your way to get a lot of stares (it’s a good thing). I even allow you to tell everyone you invented it.

The warm nut and fruit mix of this dish is so full of flavor it’s simply a delight and you’ll forget you’re even eating oatmeal.

Try to prepare fresh oatmeal (not instant). It’s just as easy but healthier.

This recipe has enough to share.

mediterrenean oatmeal with fruit and nut mix

Shall we?

one cup real oats –
(I use steel-cut oats, a bit longer to cook. For creamier texture use quick oats)
half cup of walnuts lightly chopped
half a cup of raisins (I use light and dark)
2 tbs dark brown sugar
one half cup water (for oatmeal)
one half cup water (for nuts)
half a cup of cold 2% milk
pinch of salt
one cinnamon stick
one shake nutmeg (or a quarter tsp fresh grind. just eyeball it)
one large granny smith apple, cut to small cubes
half a cup dried apricots, cut in halves
half grated orange peel


In a pot on a medium-low heat combine oats, water, milk, salt. When small bubble start to form stir until you get the consistency you desire, about five sometimes more (for steel-cut). Keep an eye on it and cook your oats until consistency is achieved. You might need to adjust and add water or milk. Remove from heat.

oatmeal with mixed nuts and fruitIn another pot combine sugar, water, nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried fruits, apple. Low heat, stir. Don’t burn sugar. Cook until apple becomes almost transparent, about 2-3 minutes but still wet.

In a bowl pour cooked oats. Top with fruit/nut mix, slowly and gently. Top that with orange peel. Enhance the look and flavor with a cinnamon stick.

Eat. bon appetite.