Holiday re-celebration and a Thank You note

Life is too short, so why not to post this mouth-watering, delectable, yummy cake and drink festive recipes twice?

Remember my  Upside down Upple (Apple) Tatin cake recipe? I wrote about it a while ago and sure enough and to my big surprise, this recipe got a lot of attention here. On my travels to Israel and France I’ve been asked to make it over and over for family and friends after they saw the post.

And now, another cool LifeStyle website based in the U.K “found” my cake and drink recipes, loved it and posted them on their site, calling my Kahlua drink a Halloween drink recipe. I don’t celebrate Halloween but you know what? my brain is so happy now I’m almost speechless.

Thank you for the lovely shutout.

Thinking about my Kahlua Cocktail recipe, it is festive – it has one of my most favorite liquor, Kahlua (actually it’s the only liquor I like). It has heavy cream and cinnamon for a touch of spice. I love the texture, the color and of course the taste. It sure is a festive drink for any occasion.

delicious halloween kahlua cocktailMy Kahlua Cocktail recipe

delicious upside down apple cake

But first, and this should go on top, I must apologize for not posting new recipes for a while because of life. Life simply takes over lately that I hardly got any time left to rest my head on a pillow or the edge of my newly tufted sofa. You know how it is, for us October is a month of anniversaries and birthday parties, deadlines at work, school volunteer, re-decorating and re-arranging furniture around the house, winterizing and “festivizing” it for the holidays  – all good – and that makes me very happy but really short on time. Yet, this post is a very good reason for me to get in touch with you and my beloved food blog, the creative and fun outlet that makes me feel at home. To celebrate, again, with you all, my recipes and my life in my new kitchen (I know – photos will come soon).

I thank again all those who follow, read, comment, link to my Sense of Hummus home. I couldn’t be happier.

 I am going now to prepare this yummy Kahlua cocktail again. I have all the reasons to feel festive.


Thank you SugarLoco

Moment of appreciation

I love baking and doing a lot of cooking in my kitchen, especially now that my kitchen is about to have a new face-lift, it’s so exciting and i know i will spend a lot of time there. But that’s on another post. In the meantime, i wanted to share something…well personal I’d say…you see i started this blog not only because i love to cook but also because of my deep appreciation to my mom’s life lessons…among are many cooking lessons too and honestly, i did not think i will find the time to post my creations often nor did i expect to have feedback. This blog is also a tool for my friends, those who don’t know how to cook, to simply check out my recipes, enjoy the images, remember the food they ate at my house and learn something.

Moment of truth and Thank You

But recently, I got an email informing me that SugarLoco liked my Upside down Apple cake recipe and that they ask permission to share it on their website. Talking about feedback people. I immediately check their site and found out that really, these people are sugar lovers. They love decadent and sweet. It’s a fun website with lots of beautiful pictures and delicious recipes and inspirations. Check them out.

Again, i want to thank SugarLoco for including me in their colorful, delicious and inspiring “real estate”.

Here is a little sweet reminder:

delicious upside down apple cake

My Upside down apple cake/tatin. Yum!

Thank you all for your support.

Bon appetite